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About us

Instatute includes an SIS that fully automates administrative tasks, an LMS that includes computer adaptive learning and facilitates teacher feedback and identify students having difficulties.

Become a Student from Anywhere in the World

Instatute has a life-long learning planner for students to set a pathway through university and beyond. And, every step of the way they are able to find their best teacher for every course, for every qualification they need. For all this, the tuition will be a third or less of what they would pay at a private school or university.

All students earn the same Diplomas, Degrees, and Qualifications as students attending private schools.

We Make Your Teaching Profession Fully Autonomous

The teachers will be earning significantly more income than they would in a traditional school. They are able to set their own class sizes and decide what subjects they want to teach. Quality assurance will be determined by three things which are displayed on the teachers profile; student ratings, student exam outcomes and the teacher’s ability to calibrate their predicted grades with those exam outcomes.

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