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Calling all Part-time/Adjunct/Casual Professor/Lectures/Instructors/Teachers!

Your title might be different. It may be part-time, or adjunct, or casual, or associate.

You might be designated as a professor, lecturer, instructor, or teacher. You might be working for a full-fledged university with degree awarding powers, accreditation and rich history of academic research, or you might be working for an alternative provider, institution or teaching centre that delivers academic programmes awarded by other universities.

Whatever the case may be. Likely your story is very similar; You are only paid for the hours you teach in the classroom, despite being expected to grade/mark, be available to students outside of class, invigilate exams, plan lessons often having to even develop curriculum, and possibly even participate in exam board meetings. All the trappings of a full-time position for a fraction of the cost to the institution you are working for. You probably have zero job security and are likely working at multiple institutions, carrying well over a hundred students, just to make ends meet… And, usually, even that requires a good bit of luck.

Does that sound familiar? If you work in education, it should. Because this is the new normal. Or at least it was until now.

Instatute is a new platform built for you. We want to give you back your professional dignity. We want you to earn a sensible income that reflects the nobility of your work and the amount of time and effort it took to become an expert in your field.

We believe no one else deserves real, robust professional autonomy than you do.

Right now Instatute is focused on academic programmes that have external examinations such as the University of London Worldwide. But, even if you don’t teach those courses now, we still want to hear from you because eventually, we may be able to carry the courses you teach, or we may be able to help you to teach the programmes and courses we currently cover.

So if you have experience teaching at the university level (especially and particularly University of London Worldwide) and you are not satisfied with your current pay and professional designation, please get in touch so we can help!

March 18, 2020

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