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How it Works

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Click ‘LOGIN’ at the top right corner of the homepage. Then click ‘SIGN UP’ to get started.  Complete ‘SIGN UP‘ by filling in your username, your email and password.

Build Your Online Profile

You need to type in your full name, upload a photo or select an avatar, add your location and brief information on what courses you would like to enrol.

Choose Courses and Teachers

You are welcome to enroll in any and all courses that you think will be interesting or helpful to you or that you have already been taking at University. 

Get Access to Course and its  Network

After you enroll in a course from the course catalogue, you can view and also have access to the course network, the lessons and assignments.

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1. You Choose Your Best Teacher for Every Course

2. Because you pay teachers directly, the cost of your tuition is often far less than it would be at a university, institution, or teaching centre

3. Be apart of a truly international experience, studying with students and teachers all over the world

4. Study anywhere you want

Register/Log in
• Create your username
• Type in your email
• Create a password
• Click login

Build your profile
• Type in your full name
• Upload a photo or select an avatar here
• Add or change your email address here
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• Add your phone number here
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• Add your location here
• Choose the University you are studying with
• Choose the Degree Programme you are studying
• Choose which courses you have already taken
• Do you know which courses you want to take this year? If not, we can help. Tell us a bit about what you are thinking of studying and why:

1. First, make sure that you have enrolled in your courses with University of London, or other providers as and when necessary. Remember that Instatute is a platform that connects you to teachers, but it’s up to you to make sure you are in good standing with the institutions that provide the qualification.
2. Click on the Enroll button to go to the ‘Enroll in the Courses’ page.
3. Use the search bar or scroll through the list of courses available until you find the courses you are taking.
4. Select the courses you wish to take.
5. You will see a list of available teachers; before you choose you can review how other Instatute students have rated them. You can visit their profile to see if they meet your expectations.
6. When you find a teacher you think you will like, you can go to the course page. Watch the introductory video. See how that teacher has set up the course. Make sure the course timetables and schedules work for you.
7. Once you have decided on a course and a teacher, enrol in the course, and pay the tuition, after which you will be given full access to the course.

1. Make sure that you have enrolled in your courses with the University of London, or other providers as and when necessary. Remember that Instatute is a platform that connects you to teachers, but it’s up to you to make sure you are in good standing with the institutions that provide the qualification.
2. Go to ‘Enrol in Courses’
3. Type the name of your course in the search tool or scroll through the courses until you find the courses you are looking for.
4. Scroll through the list of available teachers
5. Select the teacher you wish to study with
6. Click on ‘enrol’ after you have reviewed the course
7. Then you will be taken to your cart. If you have chosen all your courses, select ‘check out’ if you wish to enrol in more courses select ‘back to course options’
8. When you have chosen all your courses, select ‘check out’
9. Pay for your courses
10. You will now be enrolled and able to access your coursework

1. Live events will take place on a certain day and time. It’s important you keep track of when they are if you want to participate.
2. If you can not attend a live event for any reason, don’t worry the event itself will be recorded and you can view those recordings any time after during the duration of the course. However, you will not be able to participate in the live discussion yourself.
3. In your course LMS you will find links to live events
4. Along with the link, you will find a description of the event and what you will need to prepare.
5. During these events you will be taken to a YouTube Live page where you and everyone else taking that course will be participating in simultaneously.

When you sign up for a course you have two options either choose to pay monthly or annually.

If you choose monthly, your account will automatically be charged once per month unless you cancel your service.

• First and foremost, whatever courses you are studying with us, please make sure you are in good standing with the course providers. There is no point in taking one of our courses if you haven’t first signed up for the programme itself. Please remember that.
• The most important advice we can give is to always check in with your courses and your teachers. We recommend you visit and interact in some way with your courses at least once a day.
• If you are studying full-time then you should be treating your study as a career, spending 6-10 hours a day on your coursework.
• Make sure you clearly understand all deadlines related to your coursework, if you are confused about the timeline at all contact your instructor immediately. Even though the feedback given is 100% formative and not part of your grade, some of the events and activities may be time sensitive and important for you to attend.
• Take advantage of the network. You will likely be taking your courses with students all over the world. This is a great opportunity to understand the international context and varying perspectives of the subjects you are studying. The more discussions and co-constructive studying you take part in the better your chances of showing real depth in your exam answers. Plus, you will be building a network of soon to be professionals in the same fields across the globe.

Browsing a Course

You can browse through all the courses through the Course directory. The course directory consists of all the courses from all the instructors. Each course line in the course directory shows the Title of the course, a short description of the course, the price of the connected product for the course, the ratings, review count of the course and the total number of students which have taken the course.
You can use the search bar to search for a specific course.
You can sort the course directory. Following are options available for sorting the directory:
1. Alphabetical : Shows the courses in Alphabetical order.
2. Newly Created : [Default] Shows the courses in Date published order.
3. Most Members : Shows the courses in Student count order.
4. Highest Rated : Shows the courses in star Rating number order.
After finalizing on a course, you can simply click on the course name to see the course page.
The course page contains several details for you to decide on to take the course.
1. Vital Information is located on the top right corner with information like:
• Required Pre-Course,
• Price of Course,
• Course Badge,
• Course Certificate.
2. Course Description is shown on the course home page
3. Course Reviews are shown at the end of the course description
4. Total number of students who have taken the course.
5. You can also view the course curriculum.
6. You can see the course instructors and choose the one that you prefer.

Purchasing a Course

To purchase the course you simply need to click on the “Take the Course” button, you are then redirected to the connected product for the course.
You can browse through the Products and there may be products which may offer a combination of courses.
You can simply add the product to the cart and proceed with the purchase process to purchase the product.
After Purchasing the product, you are automatically connected to the course group and forums.
Starting a Course

Once you have purchased the course, you are eligible to take the course.
Once the course has been started you can access the course units and can access the course timeline.
Each unit may be connected to the Unit forums where you can ask questions and interact with the Instructor and other students.
You can also download attachments for each unit. You can also download attachments uploaded in the group.

Completing Units

After you have finished with a unit, you can mark the unit complete.
To mark the unit as complete you simply need to click on the link at the bottom of each unit “Mark Unit complete”.
Once the Unit is marked as complete, a green colored dot appears on the course timeline in front of the marked unit.

Taking a Quiz

Quizzes are an integral part of WPLMS. Quiz are independent units which can or can not be connected to any course.
You can simply click on the Quiz in the course timeline to begin with the Quiz.
Upon clicking the link you are taken to the quiz interface. The quiz page shows instructions for the quiz.
To start the quiz the student simply needs to click on the start quiz button.
Once the quiz is started the timer starts running.
If you drop out from the quiz, you can join the quiz within the time allotted for the quiz. Which means the timer will keep on running even if you are not taking the quiz.
The Quiz can be submitted by you simply by clicking on the button Submit Quiz.
If you do not submit the quiz and the timer counts down to Zero, the quiz is automatically submitted.
Once the quiz is submitted you can check your marked answers by clicking on the Check quiz results button.
Now you await for the instructor to evaluate the Quiz.

Reviewing Courses

The course review has to be done before submitting the course.
To review the course you simply have to click on Review Course button below the Course Timeline
You can now review the course by rating the course out of 5 and giving your comments for the course.

Submitting Courses

Once all Units and Quizzes in the course are complete you can go to the course timeline and click on the Finish course button and then submit the course for evaluation.

Quiz Results

Once you have submitted the quiz the Instructor evaluates the quiz and an automatic message is sent to you with your marks from the link to check the quiz scores.
You can also check the quiz results in the Profile -> Courses -> Results section.

Course Results

Once the Instructor has evaluated the submitted course and given marks to you for the course, you receive an automatic message and notification. The message contains the percentage you got in the course.
You can check the Course percentage in the Profile -> Courses -> Stats section

Badges & Certificates

If you have got the course percentage above the Badge percentage then you get a badge. This badge is shown in your profile.
If you have got the course percentage above the passing percentage then you get a passing certificate. This certificate is shown in your profile page. You can also print this certificate.


BuddyPress offers a variety of components to promote interaction among students and instructors.
• Friends
If the Friendship component is enabled in buddypress then you can send a friendship request to other members (students + instructors). Friends have access to send private messages and invite each other groups etc..
• Private Messaging
Private messaging allows greater interaction among students.
Quiz and Course results are sent to users via private messaging, wherein you can directly interact with your instructor on the results.
• Groups
Groups are a very powerful component of BuddyPress which allows greater levels of interaction. Using external plugins like Group documents, instructors can send assignments to you via this mode.
• Forums
Each course and unit can be connected to forums. Each group can also be connected to a forum. If the group is private then the forum access is allowed only to group members. Which makes the forum an exclusive forum for course members. We recommend connecting this same forum with the Groups course.

Instatute is a program-agnostic platform. It does not hold any affiliations with either the programme and curriculum providers, developers or assessors. What Instatute does is connect students to teachers who offer partial and full course coursework, classroom activities and feedback in an immersive online environment, shared with other students around the world who are taking the same courses.

The courses and programmes taught on the Instatute platform will result in a certificate, diploma or degree from an awarding body associated with those courses if and when students pass examinations on a collection of courses required to acquire said qualifications.

Thus, it is important for students to spend time getting to know and understand all the requirements for the qualifications they are pursuing on their own. If you have any questions regarding your path towards the certificate, diploma or degree you are pursuing please contact the provider of that qualification to ensure you are meeting those requirements.

There is no official relationship between Instatute and University of London. Instatute is a platform that connects teachers and students directly for study and coursework. Because Instatute is focused on offering courses and programmes that lead to recognised qualifications, University of London Worldwide (UoLW) courses, taught by teachers independently, fits perfectly into our platform strategy.

This means that students taking UoLW courses and teachers teaching UoLW courses, must facilitate and maintain their relationships with UoLW independently.

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