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Thomas Weeks-Barnitt
CEO and Founder of Instatute

Hello Everyone, My name is Thomas, and I am the CEO and Founder of Instatute. I came up with this idea after spending a fair amount of my career managing higher education programmes.

I decided to make Instatute to reduce the cost of tuition to students while being able to also offer teachers the income they deserve.


Create interactive lesson content, instructional videos, course materials, mock exams, quizzes, exercises, activities. Communicate with your students in live sessions, group forums and chats as well as one-to-one discussions and messages.

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The 54,000+ students taking University of London Worldwide courses will be able to access your courses and enrol in them to meet their program requirements.

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Record a one-minute video about you and let your students-to-be know what a professional you are!

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Just like in Instagram, you gain students based on how good your profile looks. Post your courses, additional PDFs and attract more students.

Teach from Anywhere

Teach from wherever you are in the world and get to share your knowledge with the students.

Teachers Earn 70% of Student Tuition

When students sign up to your course you keep 70% of the tuition paid. All you need is to set up a Paypal account and you will get paid monthly throughout the length of your course.

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