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Join Us and Study Wherever You Are, or Wherever You Want to Go!

Remember wherever you are, you are considered a student at the University of London, which gives you access to numerous opportunities to participate in learning and social events in the city including graduation

   Is a University of London award, and carries with it the same status of any University of London award

Gives the name of the College that directed the academic content and assessments of your degree (e.g. LSE)

Includes all the official markings and insignia of University of London such as its official crest as well as the Vice Chancellor’s signature

Teach University of London Worldwide at Instatute and Become a Fully Autonomous Professional!

You will take home 70% of all student tuition! Much of it will be residual income for coursework you have already designed and delivered time and time again. You will decide which courses to teach and how many students you want to teach and ultimately how much money you want to make!



Courses from renowned Instructors

Best courses from best Instructors on the worlds favorite site




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